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Our team was founded in 2016 by the group of friends. From the very beginning it consisted of software design, business process management, big data, data warehousing and business intelligence experts. Experience we've gained on projects allows us to build cutting-edge solutions adjusted to the clients needs. Our strategic goal is to come across our clients requirements. We are doing it by using available proven in battle innovative technologies. In each project we follow win-win rule, we know that our clients successs and satisfaction is the key to our success as well.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to automate and grow your business

Process management

To efficiently run any successful business these days you need to focus on bringing value to customers, not losing time on cumbersome tasks. Digitalize and automate business processes by using tailor-made Business Proceess Management (BPM) platform. It helps you manage full lifecycle of process, gives you insights and numbers you have been struggling to see. Connect your departments, measure the work you do and change your models accordingly.


All organisations (sooner or later) find themselves fighting with either non-existing or problematic integration between their systems. We eliminate unclear and chaotic data exchange in companies and we apply modern Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions that help you decouple your systems and allow them to move forward independently without the crutial information exchange and synergy effect.

Data intelligence

We build complex and efficient solutions that allow to receive information about your business, communicate them and make you reach valuable conclusions faster. Visualise your data, analyze the trends and monitor inconsistencies from various sources in a blink of an eye.

Custom applications

We believe in modularity and SOLID software principles, and we see the undeniable value in good tailor-made software projects. These are unique solutions made to cope with your specific business challenges. We would love to unleash our creativity and innovation to deliver the product you really need.


There is only one thing more important for us than robust design and efficient code - understanding the actual needs of our clients. We have broad experience in business, system and requirements analysis. We follow DDD principles, and believe that good model brings exceptional value to the project.


We embrace DevOps philosophy, by organising teams around the product, optimising communication overhead and drastically decrease delivery lifecycle periods.

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